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    While EmEditor is certainly great and I’ve purchased one with pleasure, I miss these features:

    * Multiline snippets organised into folders with ability to quickly insert them into text. Keyboard shortcuts to these snippets. Each snippet should have its own assigned name. Snippets should be stored in plain files to allow easy snippet import-export between PCs.

    * Keyboard shortcuts to individual named macros, not just “Run this macro”.

    * Bookmarks (F2, Ctrl-F2) currently work transparently though all open files. If I have one bookmark in file A and one in file B, pressing F2 will switch files together with file positions. It would be nice if this “global” behaviour of bookmarks could be changed to “current file only” somewhere in the options. Global bkmks are good, local are also good, let the user choose what’s best for him.

    Thanks to the author for the great product and to the users for supporting the author.


    Yutaka Emura

    You can customize keyboard shortcuts for individual named macros. Go to Keyboard Map under the Help menu, or go to Properties/Keyboard. You can find your macros under My Macro category.

    There are commands for Next/Previous Bookmark for the current document. All you need to do is to reassign F2/Shift-F2 to Next/Previous Bookmark for the Current Document.

    I will consider the multiline snippets as plug-in. Thanks!



    Thank you!

    I’ve found a small inconsistency with the mentioned “Next/Previous bookmark in Document” commands.

    Group bookmark commands “loop”, jumping in order 1,2,3,1,2,3 for “Next” and vice versa for “Prev”.

    Document bookmark commands don’t loop. Order is like 1,2,3,3,3,3,3. I’m stuck when I’m on the last bookmark in the document trying to select the next one.

    I don’t know if that’ the intended behaviour. As for me, I’d prefer looping bookmarks since thay can be traversed by using only one key (F2), which is very convenient.

    There’s also another thing I’d like to propose. In menu Properties->Keyboard we’ve got hundreds of commands grouped into several categories. However, it’s still not easy to locate a command even if you know its name. This is a fairly common natural inconvenience found in many highly-customizable products.

    What about making a new category “All”, where all commands are listed alphabetically? Or “All, Alphabetical”. The commands will not be grouped like they are now, but at least it would be easier to locate a command by knowing its exact name from the manual or from you.

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