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    I’d like to see users enhancing the functionality of EmEditor by giving them power to create visual interface to their macros. Now the macros provide wonderful control, but they are lacking flexible user interface.

    I’d suggest the followin solution to this: a plugin that includes Internet Explorer (or other browser) window where an HTML file from file system can be loaded (maybe also from the Internet, but there would be security issues). This html file could contain JavaScript that has access to the EmEditor macro objects via special global JavaScript object, say, “EmEditor”. If such HTML file contains nicely formatted buttons with graphics and all, with some JavaScripting (DHTML and EmEditor macros) it could turn into poweful tool to develop advanced add-ins for the editor. Of course, that could be also done via plugin programming, but that is much complex undertaking. HTML+JavaScript is much simpler way, thus the developer base is much more signifficant.
    What’s more, this HTML file could contain Adobe Flash movie that could serve as visual interface to trigger the JavaScript macros within the HTML file. Thus, we get a “very serious, really powerful interface development solution”.
    EmEditor could allow to open several such Browser windows, and allow them to float (instead of being glued to one of the sides).

    I actually believe this kind of plugin should not be too hard to program. After all, it’s just a windowed ActiveX control with some links to the outside world.

    I truly hope such enhancment would revolutionize this already fabulous product!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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