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    I love EmEditor and all its handy features, and I use it as my main editor for most things. Sometimes though I find a feature missing that is available in many other text editors, and this is so annoying since I then cannot feel completely that EmEditor is all I need. Also, of course, such features are very good for you to implement, so that potential customers of yours won’t discard your product just because it does not have these features but some other product has.

    Anyway, I’d like to suggest one such feature now, which is VERY handy to have and extremely good for productivity when working in text editors, and that is:

    Multiple independent bookmarks

    By that I mean multiple bookmarks that can be defined and used _separately_ of each other. Currently, you can define multiple bookmarks in EmEditor (Ctrl+F2), sure, but you can only go back to them by cycling through ALL of them every time (F2), which is very inefficient indeed, e.g. when creating and navigating complex source code in some programming language.

    Instead, many other editors let you define (at least) ten different independent single bookmarks, normally by using Ctrl+Shift+# (where # is any number 0-9), and then let you quickly jump back to these bookmarks by pressing Ctrl+#. (When you define a new such bookmark whose number already exists, the old instance of this number’s bookmark is automatically removed, so that you always only have one unique location for each such number 0-9.)

    This is extremely efficient for navigating larger and more complex documents or source code files, so I’d REALLY love to see this feature in EmEditor too! I’m really missing it and sadly feel held back by the lack of it almost every day in EmEditor, so I really hope you will seriously consider adding this handy feature.

    Also DO NOTE that this can be implemented independently and used completely in parallel with your existing single-bookmark-cycling system, so you don’t have to worry about any fans of your current more simple bookmark system disliking this change – they simply won’t even notice it if they just keep using the old-style bookmarks with the same old hotkeys as usual!

    So PLEASE could you implement this, so that I have something to look forward to with the lifetime-license I just purchased from you? :-)

    Thanks a lot!

    Yutaka Emura


    Thanks for your comments.

    I will consider your feature request.
    I should also note that it is possible to write a macro or plug-in to implement such a feature.



    Thanks a lot for considering this, I’m really hoping to see this in an upcoming version then!

    And sure, most things are probably possible to do with the excellent macro or plugin system of EmEditor, but it requires quite some work from each user (and sadly I think that very few users can trust plugin DLL:s from other users), so it would of course be better for everyone if it was implemented in the core instead.

    Also, I really do think that this is a feature that would make EmEditor even more attractive to potential customers, especially since several competing products already have it.


    May I respectfully ask if there is any status update for this?

    In my humble opinion, this is one of the biggest feature shortcomings of EmEditor compared to many other text/code editors, which I think is such a shame for an editor that is superior in almost all other aspects. It constantly annoys me so much to not be able to navigate source code files efficiently in EmEditor due to the lack of this commonly available feature in many other code editors. :-(

    Would you please consider it again for some upcoming version?


    In the last few versions of EmEditor, I have found fewer “completely new features” than in previous versions (although of course the improvement and “polishing” of existing features is also very welcome!), so maybe this would be a good time to consider adding this “Navigation points” feature (let’s not confuse them with your excellent “bookmarks” feature at all, let’s call this entirely new feature for example “Navigation points” instead!)?

    It really shouldn’t be that massive implementation-wise, but it would mean a LOT efficiency-wise for many users, including me. And again, several popular editors have had this for ages, for example all Borland/Embarcadero code editors (Delphi, C++ Builder etc) and also the popular IntelliJ suite, plus many, many more.

    So pretty please with sugar on top, couldn’t you consider this for an upcoming feature update? :-)

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