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    This is a feature I’ve always wanted in a source code editor. I’ve made a snapshot of my idea. I’ve inserted the link to a more detailed snapshot with some explanations.

    please note that:
    – background gets darker as nested block gets deeper.

    thank you!


    This is a pretty interesting idea. Have you ever seen something like this actually implemented in a text editor before? The closest I have seen is “outlining” and “folding” which EmEditor already has.



    No I haven’t seen it in any source-code editor. It’s a feature I’ve always wanted in a source-code editor and haven’t been able to find it (if anyone knows a source-code editor with this feature please let me know). So I decided to ask for it as ‘feature request’ :) (between us I’ve asked for it in a couple of places :P ) But certainly I would be a loyal user of the editor which has this feature.

    But to tell you the truth while studying other people’s code I used to do the same thing in a graphic program (code was in the top layer as text). That way I could add freehand annotations, zoom out/in for a big picture view, open multiple views, etc. And as far as it was studying other people’s code I wasn’t going to change the source code, so the rectangles didn’t have to change.


    I know one editor that does that: optiperl:
    Unfortunately it’s perl-only, and mostly abandoned.
    I’d love to see this feature in emEditor.


    Support!It is a very good creative idea.
    Can it be showed by column-block-mode background colors?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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