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    1. Add “Allow to show Spaces marks” option in Find and Replace dialog box (Advanced…).
    If select Tab marks or Newline characters, and then press Ctrl-F, Find and Replace dialog box will show \t or \n in the Find drop-down list box.
    But if select many Spaces marks, it just display blank, therefore suggest to add an option to show Spaces marks for ease of check the numbers of space.
    Simulation figure as below:

    2. Extract ▼ button context menu.
    Suggest to display Extract Options in the context menu, and also can change it directly.
    If user need more detail setting, then to click “Extract Options”
    Simulation figure as below:

    3. Add “Replacement step by step” option.
    Currently, if click “Replace” in the Replace dialog box, it will replace and find the next occurrence.
    But we may want to check the replacement result before go to the next occurrence, especially important in some complex replacement with regex.

    Even use “Back(Alt+Left)”, it can not go back to the previous occurrence.
    Workaround solution is use “Undo(Ctrl+Z)”, and then use “Redo(Ctrl+Y)”, but it is not convenient.


    For first software wish, I have similar requirements. It’s easy to see how many blank I have typed in. But I think other marks (such as wide space) should also be considered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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