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    I’m using Find in Files to search one very big log file.

    The search string (no escapes, no regular expression) definitely exists below line 6,238,810.

    Emeditor doesn’t even seem to be trying to search that part of the file that’s not in memory (it stops searching much too quickly to have loaded the file (some 9Gb) from disk).

    I don’t get any errors, emeditor just refuses to search the file below that line.

    Version 10.0.4


    Yutaka Emura

    Currently, EmEditor doesn’t support Find in Files in very large files. It should display “…: failed to open” message, and continues to the next file.

    However, I have just found one bug. I will fix this on the next minor version.

    Thank you,



    Appears to have searched the top of the file. Didn’t see “failed to open” though I have before.

    Find in very large files would be useful.

    Whilst on the subject “find in this file” would be useful; i.e. showing the matching lines and hyperlinks back to a loaded file. So providing the same output as “find in files” but applied to a particular, already open file.

    Keep it up, very good tool. Thanks.



    Could be done, with Grep. Even an option in EmEditor to parse the file by Grep instead of attempting to load the whole thing. Though could be a hassle to interface with a line-command tool.

    An alternative option might be to be able to display/load the saved-output from grep in EmEditor’s Output bar/plugin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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