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    1. open or type a document where the same two word appears many times.
    2. turn off incremental search and search for a word.
    3. using the find toolbar turn on incremental search
    3. start typing a different word to search for in the document
    4. use the Find Next hot key (mine is F3 for example)

    Problem: The word searched for in step 4 will be the word entered in step 2 rather than the word that is currently typed in at step 3.

    Desired behavior: I’d like the find next hot key to find the next occurrence of what is currently in the find toolbar.


    Ok, incremental search doesn’t seem to be an ingredient so much.

    Trying it more, it looks like Find Next doesn’t get the current find string until Return is pressed in the Find toolbar.

    So maybe what I’m asking for is that Find Next/Previous grab the current find string and also find the next/previous occurrence (as if the sequence Return, F3 where pressed).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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