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    Turn on the OS setting: Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse. (a.k.a. X-Mouse mode.)
    One of the utilities to adjust X-Mouse behavior:

    Issue 1:
    Type “time” to trigger the Time snippet.
    The tooltip shows.
    If the mouse cursor hovers over it, the tooltip (and the text cursor) will vanish right away.

    Yutaka Emura

    We reproduced this issue, and it will be fixed on the next beta version. I am NOT sure if I can support this X-Mouse behavior completely in EmEditor and its plug-ins, but let me know if there are any other issues. Thanks,


    Issue 1-2:
    Once hovered over, the tooltip would seize the focus and block the typing from then on. I have to switch away and back (e.g. via Alt+Tab) to let EmEditorView regain the focus. Clicking in EmEditorView could break the snippet processing.
    So is it possible to set the tooltip unfocusable?

    Issue 2:
    Move mouse from Find (Quick Launch, etc.) dialog to the main window.
    EmEditorView will not get the focus (i.e. no text cursor blinking).

    Issue 3:
    Open a file in a new window.
    If it prompts (for newline-inconsistent or encoding), the dialog could be blocked by other windows, especially when X-Mouse is enabled, or there is an always-on-top window.
    So I hope the Taskbar button will be present in such cases, to let the user know there’s a window. This is not only for X-Mouse.


    > Issue 1-2:
    When a (snippet/ActiveString) tooltip seizes the focus, and I happen to press Alt+F4, the tooltip will be closed and will never show again in the current window.

    When a snippet tooltip seizes the focus, it can not be closed with Esc key.

    Suggestion 1:
    Is it possible to add a way (e.g. a shortcut key) to go back to EmEditorView when a (snippet/ActiveString) tooltip seizes the focus?

    Suggestion 2:
    Is it possible to make EmEditor obey the system setting “Hide pointer while typing” (in Mouse Properties)?

    Suggestion 3:
    I notice that a few of the list items are truncated by default (see below), which will show a tooltip. Such a tooltip does not seize the focus. Is it possible to make the snippet/ActiveString tooltip that way?

    	Edit: 1 item.
    	CSV: 1 item.
    	Active String: 3 items.
    Configuration properties:
    	Scroll: Options: 4 items.
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