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    I have searched the forums and find nothing about Find-As-You-Type, (FYAT) but maybe I am missing something. I am looking at purchasing a new text editor and FAYT is something of a show stopper for me. I do A LOT of writing, though, not on this forum (yet), and research and instant access to data is essential for productivity. I am all over the place viewing various docs at the same time.

    Specifically, I would like to see the same thing as how the CTRL+F works in Firefox’s search in page. While it would be nice to have each found text string be highlighted, I am rational enough to realize how problematic that would be for a doc 5GB! The “Highligt All” feature in FF would be fine for me. I would know that highlighting each matched string would require some overhead.

    Anyone know if this is available?

    (FYI – I have duped this post in the “Core” thread as well)

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