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    My problem:

    Often i just want to use an short code:
    CurrLine = document.GetLine(just the current line the cursor is in);

    but i have to write two lines of code every time:
    yPos = document.selection.GetActivePointY(eePosLogical);
    CurrLine = document.GetLine( yPos );


    do i miss something?
    Is there an better (quicker/shorter) solution
    to get the text from the current line?

    If not:

    can this command be improved?

    For example,
    IF there is NO parameter between the GetLine() parentheses
    THEN just returning the current line where the cursor is in.

    Or by an additional GetLine()-parameter like “.”
    for the yLine-Parameter to indicate the current line.

    Ahh: since the commands can get Flags,
    i think we can use
    “logical coordinates”
    “without return codes”
    as default flags for that special case?


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