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    I really like the enhanced CSV and Cell Selection mode features in EmEditor lately, e.g. the copy/paste/insert/delete column features, it’s really powerful stuff, speeding up my work a lot!

    One thing that I’m longing for though is the ability to hide/collapse a column (i.e. without actually editing the contents of the file, but rather simply hiding the column from the GUI). This can be very handy when you only want to see and work with the contents of some columns in a file, but still want to keep the other columns remaining in the file too, just not currently see them and having them get in the way of your current work.

    Is there perhaps already a way to hide columns like this in EmEditor, that I have just failed to see, or could such temporary hiding/collapsing of columns otherwise possibly be implemented in the CSV and Cell Selection modes of EmEditor?

    It would practically only have to be the equivalence of setting the width of the column to zero, so hopefully it wouldn’t be super painful to implement either in its most simple design?

    The only additional thing needed would perhaps be to implement a way of getting the column back visible again, and for that I could for example suggest adding a small “expand plus sign square” icon (i.e. like this: expand plus sign square icon) at the location in the field headers where the column is located, that can be clicked to immediately “expand” the column back into place again. And when I’m saying this, I just came to think that maybe every column (i.e. normal, expanded/visible ones) can all have a small corresponding “collapse minus sign square” icon on them (i.e. like this: collapse minus sign square icon), to be able to quickly hide/collapse them just by a click of the mouse? That would be REALLY slick and efficient I think!

    What do you think?


    Any thoughts at all about my previously posted idea above yet?

    Absolutely, possibly or never? :-)

    Yutaka Emura

    The Hide Columns and Unhide Columns commands are now available on EmEditor v21.9.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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