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    I’ve EmEditor V7.02 installed in Vista.
    Everytime I press F4 to run a macro from saved jsee or vbee file, it pops up an error window saying that ‘document’ is not defined.
    I also turned off UAC, but still didn’t work .

    However, the recorded macros can run properly without saving it.

    I’ve tried install the same EmEditor into XP, it doesn’t have this problem. :-(


    After a few days research, I find the cause of this problem and also figure out two solutions to fix this problem.

    Cause of Problem:

    The application fails to register EEMacro.tlb, the macro related type library file, in vista system.

    I don’t know why is this happening, maybe some files in my vista corrupts and emeditor.exe couldn’t call the function to register it, or maybe my vista security setting disallow emeditor.exe to access the registry, or maybe the emeditor use the same approach as in the previous versions for XP to register the type lib which could not be applied to vista system. Anyway, the cause of my problem is due to the system could not locate EEMacro.tlb in the Emeditor directory.


    Solution 1. If you are comfortable with command line, then you could use a console tool “regtlib.exe” to register the file.

    regtlib \%EmEditor_Path\%EEMacro.tlb

    Solution 2. Copy the following codes into a text file and rename it to anyname.reg and double click the file to register.
    Note: you may have to change the EmEditor installation path if yours is different from mine.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    @="EEMacro 1.0 Type Library"


    @="C:Program FilesEmEditorEEMacro.tlb"


    @="C:Program FilesEmEditor"

    Good Luck to anyone who has been trapped by this problem like me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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