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    I tried to customize the Outline plugin for my needs, but failed to understand how the “Custom” schemes work. I looked in the help, but it explains only how custom search strings are used for matching text lines, but does not explain how matched lines form nested levels.

    So, the questions are:
    1. How does EE determines where each level ends in “Custom” mode? (Not in “Custom (Specify Begin …” mode.)
    2. If I’m not using regular explressions, the help tells that the line should begin with the characters entered. However, in EE it seems that matching is successful if the entered substring is present anywhere inside the line. Which is wrong: help or EE behaviour?



    I try outline plugin in v8.01, In “Custom” mode
    1. Each level ends when it find the same level begin.
    2. Outline plugin determine the level when start of the line match the settings.

    eg: If the Level 1 setting is “LV1”
    LV1 <– Match
    __LV1 <– Not Match(because the line start with other chars)
    Hope this help you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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