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    This idea is already mostly implemented.
    See my comments some posts below.

    Hi Yutaka,

    I want to set an marker,
    then go elsewhere in the document
    by scrolling around or use find to find something,
    then do an selection to that marker.

    Therefor i can imagine at least this improvements.

    New shortcut toggle for:
    * Start an Selection / End the Selection

    I would press e.g. F8 to start an selection,
    then i would go elsewhere,
    then press F8 again to set the end of the selection
    and all between is selected.

    New “Edit > Extend selection” possibilities
    * Select to next bookmark
    * Select to prev bookmark
    * Select to bookmark # n

    I would set an bookmark,
    then go elsewhere,
    then use one of the new commands
    to selected all between current point and an bookmark.

    New command “Sticky Selection”

    I would make an selection,
    enable Sticky Selection,
    use one of the current available movements
    to selected all between current point and the initial selection.

    Called “persistent selections” in some other editors.

    What do you think?



    In the meantime i can help me with an macro.

    – find/go to the wanted start position for the selection.
    – set an bookmark (toggle: Ctrl+F2).
    – find/go to the end position of the wanted selection.
    – execute this macro:

    o = document.selection;
    EndLine = o.GetActivePointY( eePosLogical );
    o.SetActivePoint( eePosLogical, 1, EndLine, true );

    The same but wiith explanations:

    ////Returns the line number of the cursor position:
    yPosEndLine = document.selection.GetActivePointY( eePosLogical );

    ////Goes to the previous bookmark in this document:

    ////Sets the cursor position:
    ////bExtend: Optional. Determines whether to extend the current selection.
    ////If bExtend is true, then the active end of the selection moves to
    ////the location while the anchor end remains where it is.
    ////Otherwise, both ends are moved to the specified location.
    bExtend = true;
    xPos = 1;
    document.selection.SetActivePoint( eePosLogical, xPos, yPosEndLine, bExtend );


    Seen again:

    “Sticky Selection” is also nifty
    if your macro/script do an selection
    and you want to move around in the
    document to see the start or end
    of the selection.

    Therefor alone it would be nice to
    have an command “Sticky Selection”
    as last command in your macro.



    Again seen an use for this.

    we get “Sticky Selection”
    an Shortcut to Start an Selection / End the Selection
    it would be nice to also get
    an shortcut to duplicate an selection :-D

    imagine this work flow:
    – type something
    – “Start an Selection”
    – type ABC
    – “End the Selection”
    – enable “Sticky Selection”
    – type something
    – duplicate the selection
    (which is ABC here only, but can be an larger string also)



    Upps :-o

    F8 works already as needed
    for my suggestions No.1 and No.2 from my initial post above!
    (It’s even kinda “sticky selection” (No. 3), but not really)

    How to:
    – press F8 to set the starting point of an selection
    – now use one (or more) of this movements:

    * Ctrl+G GoTo e.g. Line 34

    * Ctrl+F Find e.g. an word or an sign.
      Or RegEx ^$ to find next blank line (select paragraph)
      Tip: Even F3 works after F8. (e.g. Ctrl+F8 ,then F3)

    * F2 go to next bookmark
    * Shift+F2 go to prev bookmark

    * use Arrow keys

    * or just click somewhere else

    And voila, all between is selected now.

    You can even extent the selection by using
    the same or an another moving command again.

    There are some more F8 commands:

    * Select Character command – F8
    * Select Line command – CTRL+F8
    * Select Vertically command – CTRL+Shift+F8
    (it’s a little bit tricky with bookmarks, but works:
      – press CTRL+Shift+F8
      – select the wanted columns at the first line
      – be sure to remember the end column number at the right(e.g.: 35)
      – go to next boomark (F2)
      – the selection line is at column 1 (the selection is
        at the left side of the start column.)
      – use now Ctrl+G to go to the remembered column ’35’ in this example.
      Or just use the right arrow key.)

    Read more about in the help:
        EmEditor Help – Command Reference – Edit category


    Sure enough, of course now i find this info everywhere:

    f.ex. here:

    EmEditor Help – How to – Edit > To Select a Portion of a Document

    Click at the beginning of the selection, move the mouse to the end of the selection while holding the left mouse button down, and then release the mouse button.

    Alternatively, press arrow keys while pressing the SHIFT key.
    Alternatively, press the F8 key, and then press arrow keys.
    To select lines, click on the left edge of the window, or press CTRL + F8.
    To select vertically (in a rectangular block), use the mouse to select while pressing the ALT key, or press SHIFT+ CTRL + F8.

    And here >

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