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    Issue 1:
    Select a string in the line.
    Use “Increase/Decrease Line Indent” commands.
    ** The selection should not change. It should differ from pressing Tab/Shift+Tab.

    Issue 2:
    Enable “Auto Indent”.
    Indent the EOF line.
    Use “Duplicate Line” command in the EOF line.
    ** The indents increased in the duplicated lines.


    Yutaka Emura

    Issue 1: We changed the behavior of Line Indent-related commands par your comment on the next beta. This change also applies to Tab/Shift+Tab commands. Please let us know if anyone believes this change should be an option.

    Issue 2: We fixed this issue on the next beta.




    Need a simple way to insert tabs in empty lines.
    (But I think it’s not proper to make “Increase/Decrease Line Indent” commands differ from Tab/Shift+Tab in this case.)

    Currently I have to use these steps:
    Select the lines.
    Use “Select Beginning of Lines” command.
    Type a character.
    Type Tab key.

    Select a non-empty line and an empty (non-EOF) line below it.
    Indent the selection.
    ** The undone result is not correct.

    Since the 4 commands below also handle multiple selections, I think “Line” in their names is not proper/necessary:
    Increase Line Indent
    Decrease Line Indent
    Tab or Increase Line Indent
    Tab Left or Decrease Line Indent



    The C above is not correct. Please ignore it.

    Suggestion 1:
    In some editors (e.g. UltraEdit, Notepad3), an auto-indent is added in 2 steps (the newline character, then the indent). Thus it can be undone in 2 steps.
    So when I add a new line but don’t want to indent it, I just press Enter key and then Ctrl+Z.
    This is really convenient, since an indent is often not just a single character.

    Suggestion 2:
    Select some indented lines.
    Use “Select Ending of Lines” command.
    Press Enter key.
    How about indenting all the new lines (but in the manner mentioned in Suggestion 1)?

    “Indent Column” in “All Commands” menu needs an “s”.



    Wrap by Window.
    Enable “Wrap Indent”.
    Add a long line so it wraps.
    Indent the line.
    ** Its wrapped lines don’t show the indent gaps.
    ** While cursor position(s) in its wrapped lines obey “Wrap Indent”.


    Yutaka Emura

    Hello LTT,

    A. One way to insert tabs in empty lines is, make a vertical selection (CTRL + ALT + Up/Down arrow) where you want to insert tabs, and press TAB.

    I will fix issues B and D on the next version.


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