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    I found two ExecuteCommandByID have no effect,
    for example below snip macro :

    var sFn = “c:tmpee.jsee”;
    editor.OpenFile(sFn, 0, eeOpenAllowNewWindow | eeOpenDetectUnicode); //success
    editor.ExecuteCommandByID(4349); //”Select This Macro” command —–> nothing happen !!!
    editor.ExecuteCommandByID(4217); //”Run Macro” command —–> nothing happen !!!

    PS, Why I need above two command :
    I wrote a macro which can popup menu to show user macros within any custom folder (include subfolders),
    so I can put macros into arbitrary deep subfolders.
    This is useful for who have a lot of macros, and want to organize them hierarchical.

    thanks !

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi hihihlo,

    You can’t run another macro from within a macro. That’s why ExecuteCommandByID has no effect for “Select this macro” or “Run macro” command.
    You might want to use #include to call another macro routines.



    in last post question has below line :
    ====> var sFn = “c:tmpee.jsee”;
    In fact, the contents of “tmpee.jsee” is like below :
    ====> #include “aa.jsee”
    just one line !!
    It is generation dynamic,
    decide by user input via popup menu.

    maybe I can use shell.SendKeys()
    to run another macro (tmpee.jsee) from within my macro.

    Thanks your reply very much.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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