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    Jump / go to / move to next empty line between paragraphs (or TOF/EOF)

    Save this two macros (the CODE below) as text file with jsee extension in the EmEditor folder.
    Then execute them one time from menu Macros > Select…
    Next you can assign an shortcut to them via Help > Keyboard Map… ( search for “jump”, right click the macro, choose “Properties”, assign an Shortcut Key)

    JumpToNextBlankLineAbove.jsee (Ctrl+Shift+Arrow-Up)
    document.selection.Find("(^$|^\\s*?$)",eeFindPrevious | eeFindReplaceRegExp);
    JumpToNextBlankLineBelow.jsee (Ctrl+Shift+Arrow-Down)
    document.selection.Find("(^$|^\\s*?$)",eeFindNext | eeFindReplaceRegExp);


    That macro will regex search and goto lines which are empty or contain whitespace chars only (non-greedy), whatever cones first.

    Extra Tip:
    If you enable “Selection Mode” (read help about “F8” key) afore to executing this macro,
    you can use this to select paragraph-wise. (press ESC key to cancel selection mode after you’re done)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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