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    Esko Lakso

    At work I primarily use EmEditor and Notepad++,

    I might have a unusual use case that I would like to have implemented in EmEditor.

    In Notepad++ I open temporary files and fill them with different texts that I want to keep also after closing Notepad++ without saving them.
    When I close Notepad++ with the main exit button all files are kept even without me saving them and without any questions.
    It is only when I close the individual tabs that I am asked if I want to save them or not.

    I know that EmEditor keeps the unsaved files in the way I want if it crashes, so I guess that it should not be impossible.
    I understand that not everyone wants it this way so adding settings for it would be great.

    This is the main reason I cannot be using EmEditor only and keep using NotePad++


    Tools: Customize: Workspace: Automatic Workspace.
    You can choose what you want there.

    Esko Lakso

    Thanks, that was really helpful, I found what I needed

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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