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    Issue 1:
    Type something in Search box and press Ctrl+A.
    ** “Select All” in the list is also triggered.

    Issue 2:
    Type something in Search box.
    Close it.
    Open “Quick Launch”. The string in Search box stays.
    ** Open “Keyboard Map”. Search box is empty.

    Issue 3:
    When Search box is focused, Ctrl+Shift+C/O/S work as well as Alt+C/O/S.
    ** However, Ctrl+Shift+C triggers “Copy” if there’s a selection in Search box.

    Issue 4:
    ** When the list is focused, press any of Ctrl+Shift+C/O/S causes the list to lose focus. Hence unable to use another of Ctrl+Shift+C/O/S contiguously.
    Suggestion: How about making Alt+C/O/S available anywhere, instead of using Ctrl+Shift+C/O/S.

    Issue 5:
    ** When the history list for Search box is open, Esc key should close the history first, rather than close the window.
    Or is there a key for closing the history without moving the focus away? (Alt+Up/Down do close the history but also move the focus.)

    Issue 6:
    When open, unable to show the Start window by using Down key in an empty tab in the main window.


    Yutaka Emura

    I am addressing all of these on the next version. Thanks!



    Issue 6-2:
    Open a new tab.
    Open Keyboard Map.
    Press Down key in Keyboard Map window.
    ** Start window shows in the main window.



    Issue 7:
    Please add a search option: Match word.
    So “+e” won’t match “+End” or “+Enter” …

    Issue 8:
    How about exempting comma (,) from being a separator (I think space is enough), so that shortcut keys including comma (e.g. Alt+, ) can be searched out.

    Issue 9:
    How about adding a search option: Exclude the Paste Recent items.

    Issue 10:
    Type a string in Search box.
    Press any of the keys (Tab/Down/Enter) to leave the box.
    ** The string is added into the history.
    How about at least excepting Tab key?

    Issue 11:
    Quick Launch remembers the last used category (Commands/Options/Symbols).
    ** But Keyboard Map doesn’t.

    Issue 12:
    Maximize/Minimize buttons are necessary.

    Issue 13:
    Sort by “Command”.
    Type something to search.
    The sort order reverted.
    ** But the ▲ is still in “Command” column title.


    Yutaka Emura

    We will think about Issue 7, 9, and 12.
    Issue 11 is the specs. Keyboard Map always needs the command list.
    We are fixing all the other issues.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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