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    I have now searched throught the forums/site and I cannot find any posts about Large Project Development. Now, it may be that this is beyond the scope of what EmEditor was designed for, but in reading various posts/reviews I recognized an “It can do anything!” sentiment.

    My question is directed mainly at C/C++ developers that are actually using EmEditor as a complete IDE for their projects, but I will appreciate any germaine comments/suggestions.

    I like A LOT about EmEditor, but I am developing a large C++ app for industry and I need a capable tool.

    BTW – I am aware that I can use some specific C++, et. al., IDEs, but I am specifically interested in if EmEditor can be used for this purpose. It just feels right to me. :-)


    Yutaka Emura

    Are you looking for workspace or project features? In the EmEditor tray-icon menu, you can find Load/Save Workspace commands, which allow you to save or load one workspace. There is no command to load or save multiple workspaces, but it might be possible by a plug-in.


    Thank you for your reply.

    Obviouslly, the more features the better (within the scope of the design criteria of your s/w), but my main goal is to be able to keep the multiple workspaces in synch and be able to shutdown/startup and bei in the same state it was last left in.

    I guess the main question is: Did you design EmEditor to be “All Things to All People?” This is the impression I get from the forums and reviews via the the power of the plugins, or have people magnified expectations beyond possibility?

    My motivation is I am looking for an extensible IDE to develop my app in C++. The app will have various “engines” that feed info to a main “brain” that will make decisions and expedite multi-tasks almost in real-time, hence the need for multiple and coordinated workspaces.

    As I stated, I really like EmEditor. It “feels” comfortable to me, if you understand my meaning. I just need to make sure once I get into the main development effort I won’t find myself in the middle and meet a roadblock closing the door of needed functional ability of the IDE. I know there are tools out there that will fill this need, but I tend to be spartan in my choice of tools.

    Hope this helps,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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