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    Hi Yutaka.

    I have an macro with

    PopupMenu appears at cursors place.

    But with two monitors (EmEditor on the left)
    and very long lines where the cursor is at end of the last line,
    the popup appears on the right edge of the second monitor,
    because there it is where the cursor stays,
    but leaving me wondering why no popup appears,
    because i did not look that far right.

    To reproduce:
    * Have two monitors.
    * EmEditor on the left.
    * Have a line lets say 50\% longer than would fit at the left monitor.
    * Have the cursor at the end of that line.
    * Use the scroll bar to view column 1.
    * Utilize PopupMenu.
    * The menu will appear on the second screen.
    * Not that bad, but not expected and to far away.

    Would you please get my screen resolution
    and don’t let the popup menu leave the monitor
    where EmEditor is visible?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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