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    Macro “Runs at Events” doesn’t work after v17.0.0
    v16.9.3 is OK.


    Patrick C

    Yep – same here, just wanted to post the issue as well 😉
    Macro “Runs at Events” doesn’t work any more on my computer either.


    Patrick C

    Follow up question for Yutaka:

    How are the macro settings in versions 17+ now accessed from within a macro?

    Before v17 it was
    sMacro1 = editor.GetProfileString(eeRegMacros, “”, “Macro1”, -1);


    will probably have to be re-written.


    Yutaka Emura

    I will fix the “Runs at Events” bug on the next version.

    As for how to run a macro within a macro, please use ExecuteMacro Method:




    just wanted to post the same issue. macro “runs at events” does not work on my system as well…is there any way to downgrade to the last version that it worked until the bug is fixed?


    Patrick C

    I also tried downgrading – but at a price. The reason is that Emeditor transfers certain settings from version 16.9.3 to version 17. Those settings cannot be recovered when downgrading – except if you didn’t run “Delete old settings”. In my case I made a mess with my settings (own fault, I didn’t realise at first).

    In any case, if you didn’t run “Delete old settings”, then you can give downgrading a try (at your own risk):


    Yutaka Emura


    I am sorry for inconveniences. The Runs at Events issue will be fixed on the next version (v17.1.1). Meanwhile, you can work around by adding a new registry value:


    as REG_DWORD at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EmSoft\EmEditor v3\Common, and set the value as 0xffffffff in hexadecimal (or 4294967295 in decimal).

    Notes that this workaround will NOT be needed anymore once v17.1.1 is released and installed.



    Patrick C

    Yutaka’s workaround works on my machine 🙂

    Thank you!!! Presently I do need this feature quite often.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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