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    Is it really necessary to save a set of shortcuts per configuration?
    No matter if one uses several sets or only one same set, the current design could increase troubles for management…


    Move the Keyboard management to “Customize”.

    One can add several sets of shortcuts.

    One can switch among the sets, globally, and instantly (e.g. via a list menu).
    ▲ Thus, one can even keep the default set intact, for reference, not only for using.

    Add a special command(+shortcut): Disable/Enable Keyboard Shortcuts. (Inspired by Vivaldi browser)
    ▲ By disabling keyboard shortcuts, we would then be able to input control characters using Ctrl+letters (more convenient than “Insert Special Character” dialog). This would help edit ASCII docs, or CSV docs with control characters as delimiters.
    ▲ This command(shortcut) should be above the shortcut sets, so it won’t disable itself. But its shortcut key should be customizable.
    (Apparently the commands for switching shortcut sets should also be special.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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