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    Customize Markers: Marker List:
    I feel the list should use the layout like the CSV Formats list:
    ▲ Let the list show Titles.
    ▲ Click a Title to see/edit its string (at the bottom).
    Thus, the list would be more clear and tidy.

    ** Currently, long RegEx strings in the list make little sense. I have to click each to know the title, or have to read the RegEx slowly.

    ▲ Add “Title” column as the 1st column in Marker List.
    ▲ Slow-2nd-click on either cell to edit the title/string.

    “Add to Markers” command should add the Title (same as the string) automatically.

    Markers Toolbar:
    + Option: Add rows when not fit.
    (Or, make the toolbar scrollable horizontally.)

    Currently, markers go into the >> menu, in which:
    ** we can’t use the context menu for a marker.
    ** Can’t drag to move a marker.
    ** “&”s are converted to accelerator keys.
    ** No tooltip. No color.

    + Option: Add new markers at the top/leftmost. (Reverse the list.)
    (Especially if 2 is not available.)

    Yes we can add a marker by drag-dropping. But suppose the marker is added by the command.
    A new marker often needs operations via context menu.
    Usually we need to see/touch the newly-added (or temporary) ones.

    + Commands in context menu for a Marker:
    Move to Bottom (Rightmost).
    To sink a marker to make room in the toolbar (if 2 is not available.)

    + Command: Remove All Right/Left.
    To remove temporary markers quickly.

    “Add to/Remove from Markers” command (via shortcut key) prompts:
    Are you sure you want to delete ‘string’?
    ▲ I suggest changing this to:
    Are you sure you want to remove this marker?
    Title: title
    String: string

    And use “Remove” instead, in “Delete” and “Delete All” command names.

    + Options for a Marker:
    Highlight Right Side
    Highlight Right All
    Count Matches (Even show counts on their buttons, if it won’t slow down the performance.)

    + Marker Groups/Sets.
    So one can switch groups/sets for different docs/purposes.

    Or even better,
    + #Tags for Markers.
    ▲ A marker can have multiple #Tags.
    ▲ One can filter with #Tags, to use different sets of markers.
    Thus, one marker can be included in different sets.


    Customize Markers: Options: Default Color = Auto.
    Marker List:
    I already have many items.
    Click “Add” to add some new items.
    ** The color numbers change oddly: Not one by one, but now and then.

    Marker List:
    Select an item.
    Click “Add”.
    ** The new item should also follow the color (as well as the options).

    Marker List:
    Deselect the selection.
    Click “Add”.
    The new item is added with all the three options enabled.

    While “Add to Markers” command enables only “Match Case” option for the new item.

    Hope such defaults can be customized.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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