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    The addition of a Tools->Properties for Current Configuration->Toolbars tab that works in much the same manner to the existing “Keyboard” tab. A pane by which one can define which toolbars to have visible on a per-configuration basis.

    This suggestion encompasses a subset feature that is the ability to toggle the visibility of individual toolbars.

    The descision of whether the suggested “Toolbars” pane merely sets the visibility setting of each toolbar in the global toolbars list, or allow for the creation of custom configuration-only toolbars is left up to the developer. I think the former is the cleaner method, but would only be practical if toolbars could be given user-specified names instead of the current “Toolbar N” naming.

    Afterwards, the ability to put Plugins and My Macros in toolbars would be a bonus.

    All of this will work to create a more convenient development enviroment, with users able to specify Compile and Run buttons as well as language specific commands such as Internet Explorer and Comment/Uncomment that only appear depending on the file type.

    Design-wise, I would imagine dynamic toolbar sets will create difficult considerations with the way things should work when Tabs are enabled. The differing height of toolbars incurring a resize & redraw as tabs are switched; the position of the Tabs toolbar itself shifting when Tabs as switched; etc.

    Maybe an easier-to-design suggestion that offers a similar level of user convenience is, instead toolbars that show and hide on a per-configuration basis, toolbar buttons that show and hide on a per-configuration basis on toolbars that stay exactly where they are like they do now.

    In fact, I only wanted the buttons to change to begin with, and thought showing/hiding whole toolbars were the way to go, but it doesn’t seem all that necessary now. The ability to set the position of toolbars depending on the file type isn’t something I need.

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