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    Posted on: 4/17/2013 1:12 am
    EmEditor Professional v13 beta (12.9.0) released!

    Multiple Selection Editing

    The new version allows you to select multiple locations within a
    document. To make multiple selections, after making one selection, make
    another selection with the mouse while pressing the CTRL key.
    Alternatively, you can press the F8 key, move the cursor to extend the
    selection, press the F8 key again to finish the selection, move the
    cursor again to go to the next selection position, and repeat this
    procedure until you make all selections. Moreover, the Add Next
    Occurrence command (CTRL+R) will find the same text as the word at the
    cursor. The Add Next Next Occurrence command will skip the next
    occurrence, but add the occurrence after the next one. The Select All
    Occurrences command (CTRL+SHIFT+A) will select all the occurrences.

    After you make multiple selections, you can type new text to replace all
    the selections at once. Pressing the BACKSPACE key removes the last
    character in each selection. Moreover, you can use many conversion
    commands against the selections.

    Hi Yutaka,

    are there plans to make this available from a macro?

    document.selection.Mode = eeMultipleSelectionEditing;

    What I had in mind:

    function SelectEveryNthLine(){

    EveryNthLine = 2
    TargetLine = 25

    document.selection.Mode = eeMulti;


    for(i=1; i<TargetLine;i++){



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