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    Issue 1:
    In UltraEdit we can remove one of the selections by Ctrl+clicking it.
    Such an operation is a must-have for Multiple Selection Editing.
    Suppose we contiguously use “Add Next Occurrence” command and added a wrong one…

    Issue 2:
    When starting using Ctrl+clicking to make multiple points, the current cursor position should be included as the first one.
    Or please add such an option.

    Issue 3:
    “Switch Starting Point and Ending Point” command seems not working for multiple selections.

    Issue 4:
    Select a long text.
    Use “Select All Occurrences” command.
    I can delete all at once by pressing Del key.
    But if I press Backspace key instead (by mistake), it will go into delete-char-by-char mode.
    Hope there’s a way to revert to the delete-all-at-once mode.

    Issue 5:
    Select some text.
    Use “Select All Occurrences” command.
    Press Backspace key.
    Then press Del key several times. For sure these steps did nothing. But they are added into the Undo/Redo history.


    Yutaka Emura

    We fixed Issue 3 and 5 on v17.7.0. We will think about other issues in the future.


    Yutaka Emura

    v18.3.0 beta 1 (v18.2.91) will address all these issues.
    As for Issue 4, you will be able to press Ctrl + Z (Undo) after you accidentally press Backspace, and then press Delete to delete all selections when v18.2.91 becomes available.



    Thank you for all the enhancements!

    As for Issue 4, you will be able to press Ctrl + Z (Undo) after you accidentally press Backspace, and then press Delete to delete all selections when v18.2.91 becomes available.

    Another example:
    Select a string.
    Use “Select All Occurrences” command.
    Can I revert to delete-all-at-once mode now?



    + Suggestion:
    UltraEdit supports inserting newline characters in multi-caret mode.

    Currently in EmEditor, pressing Enter key does nothing. But issue 5 occurs.


    Yutaka Emura

    The next version will allow you to press Enter key to insert a newline.



    + Suggestion 2:
    Is it possible to make Drag-and-Drop also available for multiple selections?
    For instance, move/copy multiple (incontiguous) cells to another position relatively.



    > Inserting newline characters in multi-caret mode

    The newlines (inserted with Enter key) should match to the method used at the current line, like SplitLines/InsertNewlineCharacters commands do.

    And also hope the three commands below can be used:
    Insert CR.
    Insert LF
    Insert CR and LF.


    Yutaka Emura

    The issue with newline characters not matching to the current line will be fixed on the next version.
    The Insert CR, Insert LF, and Insert CR+LF commands will be supported on the next version.



    Enable “Keep selections while typing in multiple selections”.

    xx oo
    oo xx

    Select all “xx” (or “oo”, to see different result).
    (Press Esc once, to see different result.)
    Press Enter (or use “Insert CR/LF/CR+LF” command) 2+ times.
    ** Extra spaces appear in the selections.
    ** And note the difference (in length of selection) when using “Insert CR+LF” command.

    You use “CR+LF” in other places. So how about also changing the “Insert CR and LF” command name?

    Make multiple selections.
    Type a letter.
    Undo. (The multiple selections persist.)
    Switch to another wrap mode.
    ** The multiple selections are canceled.
    (Redo doesn’t has the issue.)

    Make 2 selections in the same line.
    Use Shift+Left/Right to extend the selections.
    ** The 1st selection will collapse once either cursor goes into the other selection.
    In UltraEdit, they merge as one. But I don’t see why/when we should use it this way.
    I think an “ideal” fix (if possible) could be: Prevent the cursor from moving any further once it touches the neighbor selection, in order to keep the existing selections individual, in case one still wants to change them (e.g. move the cursors back).

    In UltraEdit, Ctrl+Click can remove a 0-width point when in multiple-selection/point mode.
    ** In EmEditor, I have to extend it before removing it. (Though “Deselect Top/Bottom Selection from Multiple Selections” command doesn’t has the issue.)

    + Suggestion 3:
    In UltraEdit, Left/Right key also can be used to move the multiple cursors among the lines. (Shift+←↑↓→ to extend multiple selections)
    Actually, in UltraEdit, every cursor in multiple-cursor mode behaves unconfinedly and naturally, just as the single cursor.

    Issue 5:+
    Select All Occurrences.
    Press Home (or End).
    Pressing Backspace (or Del) key does nothing, but is added into the Undo history.


    Yutaka Emura

    A, B, C, D, and Issue 5 will be fixed on the next version (v18.7.0 or v18.6.95 if released).

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