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    Hey folks!

    The working space idea (and its implementation) is great. You exit, you start and everything is where you left off. and only in odd circumstances does it bother you with questions! It is great!

    May be a good idea is to support multiple work spaces? When one is working on two or more problems, on again, off again, it would be nice to keep the many environments separate. I am talking about four environments tops.

    When opening EmEditor with only a single workspace saved, as it is today it will be opened, no questions asked. On saving, it should be saved by the name of the left-most tab filename, no questions, i.e. default without alternatives. If on subsequent saves the same file is there, the new workspace should replace the saved one, again, no question asked. If a different file is at the leftmost tab, only then will the user be asked if to save it under the old name or under another name.

    If when invoking EmEditor more than one work space is found, the user will be presented with the list and asked to choose one. The same pane will enable her/him to delete unneeded work spaces or rename any of them.

    In the Tools -> Properties for current/all configurations a check-box could be added to force a single work-space, no questions, as it is today.

    I would like users to comment on the utility vs. bother of this addition.


    Yutaka Emura

    Hello mguttman,

    Thanks for your suggestions! We might consider something like that in future versions.

    Thank you for using EmEditor!


    I’d really like to see a workspace manager, I generally work with multiple EmEditor windows, and many times now I’ve completely lost workspace state due to closing windows — possibly with [x], or other methods and only the last window gets presented any option to close and save workspace state.

    A way to manage workspaces and save the current windows/state without having to exit completely from all EmEditor instances.

    As well as the ability to choose which workspaces you’d like to load at start-up or at any other time — ( which I believe is similiar to the OP’s original request ).

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi CrashNBurn,

    Thanks for your inputs! If you need to use multiple workspaces, you might consider using the Projects plug-in. This plug-in was developed for those developers like you in mind.



    Thank you, thats helpful.

    One thing I found awkward to figure out, I kept trying to “Rename” the “Untitled Project” — which seems the logical choice. Yet there’s a separate action for that under the project sub-menu: Save Project As.

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