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    If I’m coding in HTML…I love having the ability to “test” my code by opening up a new page that duplicates the entries so I don’t have to worry if I make any mistakes. The coding would only be on the duplicate tab.

    So imagine my surprise there is no duplicate tab option available so I’m forced to do these steps to complete this simple action:

    1. Create a new EmEditor tab.
    2. Go to the original tab.
    3. Ctrl-A to select the code.
    4. Ctrl-C to copy the selected code.
    5. Go to the new EmEditor tab.
    6. Ctrl-V to paste the code.
    7. Name new tab for saving before closing EmEditor.

    This is simply unbelievable. Clearly…it can’t hurt to input a duplicate tab option for EmEditor. Please consider this as doing the above steps every time I need to edit HTML code is very tiresome.


    Simply unbelievable???? Don’t you think that is rather harsh? Most editors that I have ever used do not contain a duplicate tab, and what you are saying is standard procedure.

    In fact, it takes me less than 5 seconds to do what you are saying. Is it really THAT big of a problem??? :-o


    Or if creating a duplicate tab option is not an option…how about a repository tab? Like all you would need to do is highlight the code you need..and then drag it to the repository. Then when you need the code…just drag it back into the section when you need it.

    Right now this ability is in Ditto the open source utility which does just that…only I can’t depend on Ditto for this because I need to see the entire code I’m dragging back into the section I’m working on. Ditto only shows the header.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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