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    While I am not able to write scripts for what I want I have been able to use Emeditor to simplify many of the macro’s I needed for my day to day work. I have come across a problem and can’t figure out how to do it by macro.
    Here is the problem at hand. I have set up macros to insert a hyperlink onto a line such as this:
    Movie name (1944) Played by Movie Star
    to this:
    [*rl=hyperlink][color=blue]000000000[color][/url]Movie name (1944) Played by Movie Star

    What I need it to do is to search forward from after the [/url] to the end of [/b] and cut it out and go back to 000000000 and past it over that. So the final product is this:
    [*rl=hyperlink][color=blue]Movie name[color][/url] (1944) Played by Movie Star

    Now I know this may not seem like a major thing for you to help on but it can help speed things up for me. So if you can help out with a little scripting or at least head me in the direction on what to do it would be nice.
    I have tried many different ways on making a simple macro but cant figure out how to advance while copying since the movie name will be different each time.


    Regular expression maybe help!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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