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    As the number of pinned items increases in the RecentFileList, one might not be able to see/reach the unpinned ones rapidly.
    How about adding an option to fold the pinned ones, in both the menu and the Start window?
    Or even separate them into 2 menus/parts.

    I’ve added /nr and /rr command lines in the shell menu and SendTo, in order to open (many) files temporarily, without flushing away the RecentFileList.
    I also suggest adding these two options in the Open dialog box, like ReadOnly, etc.

    Request a command line option, as well as a command/way, to “Save with /nr option”, for saving files opened with /nr, or for command-line conversions, etc.
    Currently we even have no proper way to remove a RecentFileList item via a macro. This was one of the reasons I once asked for such a command:
    Request command line options to split/combine files.
    (I notice that the “Split/Combine Files” feature doesn’t change the RecentFileList.)

    Open a file without extension name.
    Open “Save As”.
    ** The default extension is added.
    ▲ I think in such cases the “Default Extension” setting should be disregarded.

    Then delete the extension.
    ** Though “Save as Type” is “…(*.*)”, the extension will still be added when saved.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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