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    When using any of the line wrapping modes (ctrl+2, ctrl+3 or ctrl+4), it can be very confusing to see where the different lines begin and end if they are long and therefore wrapped multiple times (e.g. in a web server log file).

    It would therefore be really great if EmEditor could add an option to automatically highlight the entire line that cursor is currently on (with some subtle background color, or a configurable color). This would make it much more efficient to go through this kind of file.

    Other text editors like Notepad++ have this feature, and I would love to see it in EmEditor too!



    You can highlight the current line (not all wrapped) from menu
    > Tools > Properties for xxxx Configuration… > [ Display ] > Part: Current line > Background color > Custom

    You can identify wrapped lines for they have no line numbers (but depends on your settings)

    For highlighting the whole wrapped line I have no solution I am afraid.



    Thanks for the reply!

    The whole point of my request was to be able to easily see where the current wrapped line begins and ends though.

    Would it perhaps be possible for you to add a “part” for that as well in that list that you just referred to?

    That would be very useful!


    This is a matter of personal taste. I am very happy with EmEditor’s current way of highlighting the current line.

    On the other hand, I agree that it is difficult in EmEditor to identify wrapped lines. Sure, you can see it by means of the missing line numbers, but that’s not a good solution.

    My suggestion would be that EmEditor adds line wrap indicators to each wrapped line. You can see an example in the first screenshot here: This solution has also another advantage: You can see for all lines whether they are wrapped or not, not just for the current line.


    Andreas, sure, most things that are made into configurable options are “a matter of taste”. The problem arises when some peoples’ tastes are made available as options (such as yours, apparently), while others’ aren’t (such as mine in this case). The best thing would then of course be to make available options for both these tastes, which is exactly what I’m suggesting.

    Adding line wrap indicators could possibly be a third taste, but from a purely objective viewpoint it’s at least not nearly as efficient a method to quickly determine the extent of the current wrapped line, since you then have to track with your eyes right and left several times for a multi-wrapped line, while a background coloring of the entire wrapped line is instantaneous and you don’t have to move your eye focus at all.

    So please Mr Emura, couldn’t you consider adding a “part” for this as well?

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