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    Yutaka Emura

    Today, the EmEditor website has been revamped. Not only did we give the website new fresh look, we also rewrote lots of content in the feature pages. Rather than categorizing by major versions, all the feature contents were recategorized with five major feature groups (Coding, Large File Support, User Experience, Extensibility, and Versatility). In this way, the new website allow you to find information faster than our old website.

    Other features of our new website include a better Library page, where you can upload your files directly to our server. The library now includes international files because many files can be shared among all cultures. Moreover, you will be allowed add comments to almost any pages in the website.

    To post messages in our Forums, upload files to the Library, or add comments to most pages, if you already had an accout with the old forums, your account was converted to the new website. However, your password was set to a random string. Please go to the Lost Password page and change your password before you log in.

    If you didn’t have an account with the old forums, you will need to register to get a new account for our new website. Note that this is different from the Emurasoft Customer Center. To register, please go to the Register page . You will be asked to enter one of your EmEditor registration keys (v10 or later), and its registered email at Emurasoft Customer Center has to match with the email you are trying to register. This allows us to automate the verification process, and completely block spam. If the email address you are trying to register is different from one used for Emurasoft Customer Center because you have multiple licenses to share in a group, please contact us with detailed information for a manual registration.

    If you would like to add a unique image to your profile, an “Avatar”, you will have to visit and sign up to upload your image file as “Gravatar”. Your Gravatar will show up in all WordPress-based websites including our international EmEditor sites.

    If you would like to subscribe new website activities, please subscribe to these RSS feeds:

    EmEditor Forums:
    OtherAll parts of Website:

    If you have any questions or comments, Please let us know by writing in our forums.

    Thank you for using EmEditor!

    P.S. Your old private messages will be erased soon. If you still keep old private messages, please save, and remove them from your inbox. These forums will be also closed at some point in the future.

    by Yutaka Emura

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