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    Diego Canziani

    In version 11 and earlier when a plugin was used for outline I setup the custom settings as:
    level 1: <OpenSquareBracket>
    Level 2: <space><OpenSquareBracket>
    Level 3: <space><space><OpenSquareBracket>
    etc increasing the number of spaces before the square bracket
    [o/s Commands]
    This is a search string function
    I have quite a number of how-too documents that I use in my job in this format.
    If I try the same system in the later versions where outline became part of the product it lets me enter the custom pattern but once I save all leading spaces get trimmed and I am left with all levels starting with a <opensquarebracket>

    I have therefore not upgraded beyond version 11 as it would make all my how-too documents unusable.
    Am I missing something, is there another way I can achieve this in the later versions ?
    Should leading spaces in a custom declaration really be trimmed ?
    Thanks in advance,


    Diego Canziani

    oops – please note that my example also had the leading spaces trimmed when I saved, should have been:
    <space>[o/s Commands]
    <space><space>This is a search string function


    Diego Canziani

    Does anyone in support monitor these forums ?
    I have worked in support for more than 15 years and in our organization we always did.
    Just asking as I wonder if I used the wrong medium – maybe I should have logged a support request ?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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