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    Yang Yang

    Hello Yutaka,

    I use the Code Runner plugin of VSCode regularly and fairly like it. The only issue is that sometimes VSCode feels too heavy and not nearly as cozy as EmEditor. Isn’t it nice if EmEditor can also “run” a document based on its configuration?

    Given EmEditor’s design, this can be implemented by adding configuration awareness to the External Tool: if it’s a Python document, then call this program, if JavaScript, another, and so on (maybe with a default catch-all case). Actually I’ve been using a custom External Tool for years to execute the current document as Python. But this isn’t a pure Python world yet, and I think this enhancement will be useful to many users, esp. that one can assign a single shortcut to it to “execute” various types of files in a flexible manner.

    For now, this may be achieved with a macro, but requires some kind of “type switch”. This feels ugly and not as obvious as an additional control on the user interface.

    Thanks for your consideration and persistent great work.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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