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    Bogumil Dzienis

    Few days ago i read article on your blog
    Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) and Log Analysis with EmEditor
    and in this article there were samples of data logs
    and i opened it in Emeditor
    i used: Demo_log_001.log
    and tried to filter lines
    by phrase “2005-04-13”
    i wait a moment to filter
    and then whole emeditor barely runs
    everything become slower

    when i dont filter
    everything runs smoothly
    but after using filtering it barely move:/

    its bug or maybe i can change something in options?

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello Bogumil,

    I reproduced the issue, and I will look into the issue. However, this is just because EmEditor tries to locate a correct line location from filtered documents, and lots of calculations are involved. You might want to extract all filtered lines to a new document by clicking the “Extract All” button on the Filter toolbar after you filter a document, or you can go to the Find dialog box, and use the Extract All button. Then you can work much faster with the newly created document.


    Bogumil Dzienis

    Yes Extract All is good option – it would be great if you could filter with links and line numbers like in find Extract line dialog – faster option to return to original file and look
    even on bigger context

    but still when you back to original file tab
    it slow down even if its only one result

    it looks like it always looking for changes in file
    when i click on word it take few seconds to get to this line and highlight word
    for me this is strange when i filtered 2005-04-12
    i get only 36 lines and its slow down immediately
    it should because there will be no changes in other lines

    maybe something is with that that after filtering
    i always see the last file line empty
    i could add there something but its not filtered

    maybe an option to filter always as extract all without having to create separate tab but without editing option if it was to hard to implement

    sorry for making it longer problem;p
    thanks for fast response:)

    Yutaka Emura


    I optimized the speed while filtered on beta 3.

    Thank you!

    Bogumil Dzienis

    Yes Filtered results now work super:)

    but i got another issue;p
    when i filter file content
    and use select line after and before and not changing value in there
    app refresh filtering
    its small bug but i think easy to correct:)

    thanks for your fast reaction:)

    Yutaka Emura


    I am not sure what you mean by “use select line after and before and not changing value in there app refresh filtering”.

    Can you please explain more details, and perhaps send me a screenshot with step-by-step procedure?

    Thank you,

    Bogumil Dzienis

    when you dont change value of lines before or after
    but you roll down drop down list you get refreshing whole result set
    i tried to show this on image:)

    Yutaka Emura

    I could see the image, but I am still not sure what the issue is.

    You might want to reset the “Incremental Search” button. If the Incremental Search is on, the editor will be refreshed with the new filtered results as soon as you change the number of additional visible lines above/below matched lines.

    Bogumil Dzienis

    Thanks for your patience

    Maybe that way;p

    i filter big file with phrase
    the progress bar appear and i wait
    now when when i see results of filtering
    i go to dropdown list for lines before match
    i roll down dropdown list
    and i choose the same value that was chosen
    and once again file is filtering
    but nothing was changed

    you can see this in big files

    Bogumil Dzienis

    That refreshing of filtering
    is appearing in other occasions
    like going from tab to tab – file didnt change but it still

    Yutaka Emura

    I still couldn’t understand what the problem is. Could you please write the details where the problem is?

    TianCheng Yu

    I think he might means that switching between the filtered file and another file will cause EmEditor to refilter the big file and cause freezing.

    Bogumil Dzienis

    I think he might means that switching between the filtered file and another file will cause EmEditor to refilter the big file and cause freezing.

    this was the point in gif animation:)

    but this is because file is filtered even if no changes are made in lines after and before dropdown list
    refreshing filter if no changes were made it’s strange for me:)


    Yutaka Emura

    I now understand. You might want to reset the Incremental search button when dealing with a very large file. I will try to fix this issue.


    Bogumil Dzienis

    thanks now it looks that everything is ok with refreshing:)

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