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    Yutaka Emura

    “Projects” plug-in beta is available now. With this plug-in, you can add your favorite files to a tree, and the plug-in saves a project to an XML file. When you first run this plug-in you will see an empty folder titled “Untitled Project”. You can right-click on that folder, and select “Add Existing Files” to choose files to include in the project (drag and drop files from Explorer).

    Please download:

    You will need EmEditor Professional 6.00.4 or later to run this plug-in.

    Please try and let me know if there are any issues. Thanks!



    The plugin sounds very nice. I always liked how some other editors could add an existing folder to manage a project.

    I figured this plugin can, for now, only add files instead of choosing a directory to add the files inside.

    I wish this can be possible, so, I could just choose a top directory of a project, and have them as a project having files and folders as a tree structure, which becomes handier than using the Explorer Plugin, which is just a mini explorer hanging on the side and I have to navigate through various locations to get to various projects.

    If it is possible to have the folder addition feature, it is also better if the project can watch for changed state of the folder, so added/deleted/renamed files do get updated within the project too.

    And when I do that, if I can set a filter for file names, just like Explorer Plugin to set which files can be added, that will be awesome too.

    Also, this is not an important suggestion but if you could consider, that right now, the plugin can be placed at left/right/top/bottom part of a window, but when placed at the top or bottom, obviously, placing projects one below another will make it quite useless, while having a lot of room on the side. So, if the projects can be placed one next to another when the plugin is placed at the top or bottom part of a window, then it will have more use using those positions, as I like it better to have some horizontal space left when codes can be a bit long in a line.

    And a couple of minor issues, but when setting the file path as ‘Relative’ by right clicking on a project file and under ‘View’, it just looks as if that’s an absolute path. And somehow after playing with the plugin for a while, a first new project started to appear with a name of ‘New Project 2’ (though somehow with english version of EmEditor, I get a Japanese name for that new project name.), and whenever I try to add another project, it causes an error saying, ‘new project 2’ name already exists and won’t let me create anymore. Is there currently no way to rename a project without first saving the project as a file?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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