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    I’ve gone through numerous IDE’s with python IDE options from dedicated ones (Wing, PyCharm, etc.) to text editors (Sublime) finally settling on Emeditor. Actually quite chuffed only realising its full potential now! (Been using it for over two years now)

    I just wanted to make sure I have checked all options to fully exploit its benefits:

    • Naturally have Emeditor the editor of all .py files
    • Utilise the Explorer to work through all my folders (I’m preferring this currently to the Projects option)
    • Using the External Tools, I have setup cmd.exe to compile all python scripts. This, with some tweaking, has worked very well
    • While not actively using it currently, I have played around with Snippets – so am aware I can use that too
    • The same for Outline – I’m not at that stage to use this yet

    Is that about the crux of things? Am I missing any functionality that can enhance my IDE experience – it there any auto-completion available? Anything I can do with pep8 functionality too? (just realised I can make another External Tool to assist with that as Plan B)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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