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    In help system, there are some descriptions for this function:

    Additional Lines to Search for Regular Expressions text box
    Specifies the number of additional lines to search for a string when using a regular expression. EmEditor passes a string line by line as a parameter to the regular expression function. By this method, however, the regular expression <td>.*?</td> would not be able to match a string between <td> and </td> if the string contains a newline character. Specifying a number greater than zero in this text box and checking the Regular Expressions “.” Can Match Newline Characters check box will enable searching for the string with up to the specified number of new lines. On the other hand, the Find in Files command always searches from the whole file independent of this option.

    I have a text which has 14000 lines and try to search some contents which include newline character. The search texts is “(?=A】)(.+?)(?=【A)”.
    According to Help, I can set any value which is greater than zero.
    But I found if the value X=10, 0 results will be found; X=50, 172 results; X=100, 318 results;X=1000 or larger,320 results……

    I checked my texts, in fact, between “A】” and “【A)”, there are only 1-5 lines (at most 4 newline character). What’s the reason for different search results when setting different addtional lines?

    Yutaka Emura

    Please send me a sample file (as simple as possible) so that I can reproduce the issue. You can zip the sample file, and email me at tech @
    Thank you,


    I’m sorry for my mistake. This function works good. My file has problem (lots of unexpected empty line). please ignore this topic. Thanks!

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