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    I saw a video related to function “Grab text” of Emeditor from Youtube. It’s a very interesting function. I tested this function on EmEditor’s Forum (this website), but it didn’t work. I tried on Chrome 72 and IE 11, but same results. The operation is like the following:
    1. Open this forum, and type a few words.
    2. Press [Ctrl+Alt+Z], in Emeditor, I can see a new tab “Grabed texts” was created and some texts inside: Questions and Answers about EmEditor Core – EmEditor (Text Editor) – Google Chrome
    3. Type something inside Emeditor, exit.
    4. At this moment, the typed contents should be input in this website but nothing happen. I press again, I can see the contents typed in Emeditor.

    Any special settings for this function?

    Yutaka Emura

    If text box is NOT one of the Windows standard text controls, this feature doesn’t work. Since Chrome and a few other apps don’t use standard text controls, they don’t work as expected. I know Internet Explorer 11 and some other apps will work. If it doesn’t work on IE 11, can you make sure you set a keyboard shortcut (in your case Ctrl+Alt+Z) in the Shortcut Key to Grab Text with EmEditor text box of the Customize Tray Icon dialog box? It might not work on all sites. Please try a different site, for instance, this forum text box. The keyboard focus must be set within the text box when you press the shortcut key.



    Yes, I tried another few websites. Some of them worked under IE 11 but didn’t work under Chrome (perhaps because of blocking from my Chrome plug-in). Some websites can be “Grabed” and others can’t . I don’t know how to identify them and have to test .
    Wish this function can be used at more websites and more positions in future version.


    @Yutaka ,
    Is there any opportunity to have “EmEditor grabbing EmEditor” again?
    Thank you.

    Textify can “grab” Chrome (via Chrome APIs).
    But it cannot edit or return the text.

    Is it possible to implement “EmEditor grabbing Chrome” via Chrome APIs?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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