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    Since installing 19.8.0 EmEditor is not preserving new file history.
    All files from history previous to 19.8.0 upgrade are shown.
    Current opened files are shown in the ‘Recent File’ list, but when EmEditor is closed and re-opened, the first file is one I last opened before upgrading a few days ago.
    I have not altered my Tools -> Customize -> History settings
    File history has worked perfectly ever since I can remember (years).
    Any suggestions?


    Also, I reverted to 19.7.0 and the Recent File History is behaving correctly.


    I would update to version 19.8.1

    Yutaka Emura


    I am sorry for inconveniences. Are you using a portable version or desktop installer version? If you are using the portable version, please check the EmEditor folder is writable including the AppData subfolder within the EmEditor folder.

    In order for me to reproduce the issue, please do the following steps if you don’t mind.

    Select the Tools menu -> Import and Export, and then select Export all settings into a registry file (or INI files), and save exported files and folders.

    Then select the Tools menu -> All Commands -> Tools -> Reset All Settings, this should prompt you to restart EmEditor.

    Please check if the issue still persists. If the issue has been resolved, then please zip exported files and folders (including the AppData subfolder within the exported folder), and email the zip file to me (tech @

    You can also send me screenshots to explain the issue.

    Thank you,


    I have only ever used the 64bit Desktop version.
    I have sent you the exported settings, both from 19.7 and 19.8 along with screenshots documenting the issue (in email).
    In fact, I re-installed 19.8.0 today just to make sure. It very clearly only happens in 19.8 and behaves properly in 19.7.
    I am on Windows 10 Enterprise 17763.1098

    Thank you again.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello mldisibio,

    I received your files. Thanks for taking time to send me them.

    I reproduced the issue and I believe I fixed them. The next version should be fixed.

    To work around for now, please go to the Tools menu, select Customize, select the Status page, and set the Current Configuration check box.

    You might be surprised but this should fix the issue.



    I reinstalled 19.8.0 and configured the Status setting to include Current Configuration as you suggested, and it did fix the issue, lol!

    I am glad you were able to reproduce the behavior and to hear it will be fixed in the next version.

    As always, thank you for all your high quality work and attentive responses to issues. Appreciated more than you can imagine.

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