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    Hi there. I think I’ve found a bug with EmEditor Professional (at least in v6.00.4 and v7.00 beta 4) to do with the remembering of the last folder. Please let me explain…

    I opened a (PHP) file on an unmapped password-protected networked Windows fileshare (eg. server-namemyshare$My Documentsfile.php). I then closed EmEditor and moved to a location where I could no longer access the network fileshare mentioned above. However, when I clicked on the “File -> Open” menu option, or clicked on the Open File toolbar button, EmEditor just froze without showing the Open File dialog box. I waited at least 2 minutes for the dialog box to appear (hoping the underlying function call would time-out and default to “My Computer” or something like that), and remembered that the last file I had open was on a remote/network fileshare which was no longer accessible.

    Fortunately, to resolve the problem, I opened a file on my laptop’s hard drive using the EmEdTray “Open…” menu option. EmEditor’s “File -> Open…” menu option and toolbar button now works again. I probably could (and should) have just created a new file and saved it onto my laptop’s hard drive to correct the problem instead.

    BTW, I am using Windows XP (SP2) Professional with all the latest Microsoft updates/patches.

    Hope this information helps.


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