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    I start use emeditor since emeditor 6.00.3. But now i update to 6.00.4. In older version ,when i use find or replace command, I can drag the bottom right connor of the command window of that two command ,so the input area of strings to be searched can be a little biger, so that I can clearly seeing what am finding or searching. But when I close the command window,then open it again,it changed to the default state, too small for me.
    In 6.00.4 , these to command windows still can be draged to larger,but the input area and all other controls do not change there size. Is it a bug?
    so in a word, I wish emeditor ‘s find or replace command window can be draged larger or smaller ,and emeditor can memories the size of these two windows.Thanks.
    I wish I can be understood,because of my poor English:(

    I want to request another feature. That is :
    add a button in the find or replace command window, than can tell me how many match’s in the text.
    now ,when i want to find the exactly number,i will first replace all to some words.than i can see ” * strings are replaced “,so I now the number, then undo it. It’s not very convenient..

    Thank you again!

    Yutaka Emura

    You should not be able to resize Find or Replace dialog box in 6.00.x. That feature is reserved for Version 7. I guess you installed Version 7 alpha once, and that resource still remains in your installation folder. You might want to try uninstall the current version, make sure your installation folder (Program FilesEmEditor) is empty, and then install 6.00.4.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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