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    Please consider to add “Restore last Selection”

    * i do an selection
    * i click elsewhere, the selection is gone
    (the same after some operations: the selection is gone)
    * now i want to use “Restore Selection”

    The selection should be remembered for each open document
    as long there is no other selection done, or the editor is closed.




    Yutaka wrote:
    Please let me know again if new features didn’t show up when the new major beta version becomes available.

    Please consider to add “Restore last Selection”.

    I think that would be really useful.



    Hi Yutaka, you are very quiet ;-)

    Do you consider to implement “Restore last Selection” in the next release?

    Thanks for any feedback.



    Hi Yutaka

    Please consider to add a “Restore last Selection” option.
    I think about a setting/option like “[X] Remember Selection” and a menu entry “Restore last Selection” .

    EmEditor should remember always each made selection for each open document, as long as there is no other selection made, or the editor is closed.

    I could need that often after an operation who has destroyed my selection to just redo the selection.

    Thanks for making EmEditor.


    Maybe this makes it into EmEditor v14? :D
    Hi Yutaka,
    what do you think about this feature request?
    New option like “[X] Remember Last Selection”
    New menu entry “Restore last Selection”
    New Macro option document.selection.SelectLast();
    If a selection is made, store the coordinates to RAM.
    With “Restore last Selection” we would be able to recreate that selection again.
    That is often nifty because the selection is always destroyed after we do an action.

    Maybe you can even store the last coordinates to file settings?
    Thank you for making EmEditor


    Hi Yutaka,

    have you reviewed this suggestion if you can implement this?

    New option like “[X] Remember Last Selection
    If a selection is made, store the current selection coordinates to RAM.

    New menu entry “Restore last Selection
    New Macro option document.selection.SelectLast();

    I would love to get this improvement.

    Thank you for making EmEditor.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi Stefan,

    I think it is a best to incorporate this particular feature to Undo/Redo, so that Undo will restore the most current selection, and it will be easier to remember the shortcut (CTRL + Z). I will think about this in future versions. Meanwhile, there are more important features that I have to work on.



    Thanks for answer, Yutaka.

    ” incorporate to Undo” sounds fine. Good idea.

    I am only afraid that we can lose an selection on other occasions too (not only after doing an real action).
    E.g. by mistakenly clicking elsewhere after a long, carefully done selection over many “pages”.
    That’s why I developed the above suggestion.
    But restoring selection on Undo would just work fine for the majority of cases, I guess..



    Optional restore selection after undo is cool.

    But separate restore selection would be better because we often need to restore an selection for another operation, without an undo in between.

    So please provide both, or at least the separate restore feature.

    Thanks for making EmEditor-


    Hi Yutaka.

    Since this is an often missed feature, I want to remind you on reconsidering this idea please.

    On performing an action, the selection goes lost and have to be re-select by hand again.

    Keep the coordinates and restore the selection for us.

    1) New option like Properties for xxx > General > “[X] Remember Selection” // Store the current selection coordinates for each document.
    2) New Edit menu entry “Restore Selection” // Restore last made selection
    3) New Macro command “document.selection.SelectLast();” // Restore last made selection

    Further improvements for following-up versions:
    – Save the selection coordinates for each document, based on the filename, to EmEditor settings.
    – Store more than one last coordinates.
    – improve macro command to”document.selection.SelectLast( nSelectionIndex );”

    Save e.g. as:
    filename | last selection | second last | third …
    test file.txt|1,56,233,72|1,56,200,0|

    Thanks for making EmEditor.

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