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    I always work in maximized EmEditor window. I have tabs enabled, and “Restore Window Position” and “Restore Tabbed Window Position” options checked. I maximized the window and pressed “Save Current Window Position” button. If I exit EmEditor and start it again, the window opens maximized. But when I call the “Restore Workspace” command, EmEditor is opened in non-maximized window.

    Version 10.0.4, Windows XP x64 SP2.


    What I find more annoying than this, is when you compare 2 files. it puts 2 EmEditor instances side by side. and when you stop comparing your Main instance now has a messed up dimensions — since I’m usually in a non-maximized state. Thus my non-maximized size needs to be manually re-adjusted again.

    Hmmm looks like the Total Commander Flint…:-)


    Indeed, I tried Compare in EE and window dimensions did not work well. Worth separate report, maybe.

    Hmmm looks like the Total Commander Flint…

    Well, it should be since it’s me. :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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