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    Can an option to added to the Macro system so that if I run a macro from a hotkey, that macro is then NOT assigned to the ‘Run’ menu item on the macro menu? If I already have a hot key, I don’t need a temporary one assigned.

    For example, I have a macro to compile the file(s) I’m working on. I’ll be using another macro to make some changes, hit the Compile Hot key, then hit the Run Macro hot key to make more changes, and the “Compile” macro runs again instead. It’s a bit jarring and something throws me off.

    Another possibility, and one perhaps easier to implement, is a script directive that allows the script to not be assigned to the Run menu item. #NoAutoRun, maybe? Terrible name, I know. This directive would help in the case where I have a script that I run to copy the file to a central repository. I don’t need to re-run that immediately, so the assignment to “Run” doesn’t help at all. Selecting from the (rather long) Macro menu, toolbar or Quick Launch works just fine.

    I suppose this would affect the ‘Edit’ macro menu item. That would make sense to me as well.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello Paul,

    You can clear the “Add to My Macros when New Macro is Saved or Selected” check box in the Options tab of the Customize Macros dialog box. Does this work for you?




    I’m afraid not. I’m not referring to a macro being added to the Macro List. I mean that when I run a macro, that macro is automatically added to the Macro’s Run command (2nd from the top; right below the Start/Stop Record menu item; EEID_QUICK_MACRO_RUN (4217)), and assigned the hot key Ctrl+Shift+P. That auto-assignment is something I’d like to selectively avoid as a significant number of macros don’t need repeating for a while after I run them, and are generally assigned their own hot key. For example, opening a defined set of files, compiling a set of files, or copying the current file to another directory for other people to use. While the auto-assignment of the just executed macro to that menu item works great for developing, when using the macro in production, it’s not as useful, and at times gets in the way.

    As an aside, on my list of hoped for solutions, the script directive is looking more handy then trying to determine if the macro was run from a hot key.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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