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    I have this macro that performs batches of search-replace actions. I use it for many different tasks, but every time I’d like to use the macro, I have to edit it so that it launches exactly the batch that’s needed for this specific text format.
    I’d like not to create separate macro for each different task. Instead, I’d like to have single macro, but which provides user with a menu of choices, so that user can select the transformation he needs, and then the macro resumes, handling this user input appropriately.

    What are the run-time user input options in EmEditor right now? I think I’ve seen text entry box. Is there Ok/Cancel or Yes/No dialog available? And, for my particular need, a custom menu that pops up, when I launch the macro?





    Hi Passiday,

    You are right, a message box with OK and Cancel buttons could be implemented via the confrim method, and you can find an example of displaying a message box with YES, NO, and Cancel buttons here.

    Further more, you can use a pop-up menu via the popupMenu object, so even more choices could be displayed. :-)



    Thank you!

    I was not aware that I could use the WShell Popup method, that indeed gives some nice extra runtime user input.

    The PopupMenu object is the one I was looking for, thank you. Very useful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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