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    We have a file that needs to contain both CRLF (hex 0D0A) and separate individual linefeed characters (0A).

    Seems whenever we save the file either the CRLF’s become LF’s, or the LF’s become CRLF’s.

    I’ve tried saving as Unix format, Windows format, or “No Change”.

    Is it possible to save both in a single file using EmEditor?


    Open a Command-Prompt: EDIT
    Type: ALT+10
    (Similiarly, NotePad seems to generate the same Char)

    A character will print on-screen, which should be 0x0A
    Select/Copy that, Paste into EmEditor where you need the 0x0A

    The unfortunate side-effect of that, is the File-type will need to be UTF-8 or UTF-16 — even though the character in question is not unicode.

    I looked in EmEditor’s Insert-Special Character, curiously it is missing Ctrl-J, 0010 and Alt+10 is a character that neither can Notepad2, Ted Editor nor MetaPad generate ALT+10 — though they do do most of the other ALT+codes.

    It is possible that the ALT+10 generated by Notepad or “Edit” isn’t actually 0x0A.

    Although I’ve had success with codes prior to 0x0A in a regular ASCII file.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello SSI,

    If you are trying to combine two files into one by copy and paste, you might need to check “Preserve (CR/LF) returns on Clipboard” before you copy and paste text from one file to another.

    Or in Command Prompt, you can type

    COPY /B A.txt+B.txt C.txt

    If you are manually inserting a return, EmEditor will automatically adjust the return method using one at the cursor. To insert a specific return, you can select under Tools menu, All Commands > Edit > Insert > CR only, LF only, or CR+LF. On the Keyboard Map (under Help), you can assign any keyboard shortcuts as these commands.

    I hope this helps.
    Thank you!


    I *just* realized the Tools / All Commands isn’t just a duplicate of the regular File/Edit/… MainMenu.

    EmEditor is suprising sometimes. There’s still a number of features I really wish it had — but many of these other commands I’ve never seen in any editor.

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