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    Some editors (e.g. EditPad) select words this way:
    Ctrl+Shift+Left extends to each word left.
    Ctrl+Shift+Right extends to each word right.

    While moving is the same way as in EmEditor:
    Ctrl+Left/Right goes to each word left.

    I feel EditPad’s word selecting is better. Thus we can include/exclude (any numbers of) white space(s) in any direction by just changing the direction on the right hand, without changing Ctrl+Shift+ on the left hand.

    While in EmEditor, we have to release Ctrl key in such cases. Actions change on both hands.

    This command ignores white space, and moves the cursor to the *end* of the *provious* word in the current line.

    According to the current behavior, should be “… the start of …”

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