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    Some editors (e.g. EditPad) select words this way:
    Ctrl+Shift+Left extends to each word left.
    Ctrl+Shift+Right extends to each word right.

    While moving is the same way as in EmEditor:
    Ctrl+Left/Right goes to each word left.

    I feel EditPad’s word selecting is better. Thus we can include/exclude (any numbers of) white space(s) in any direction by just changing the direction on the right hand, without changing Ctrl+Shift+ on the left hand.

    While in EmEditor, we have to release Ctrl key in such cases. Actions change on both hands.

    This command ignores white space, and moves the cursor to the *end* of the *provious* word in the current line.

    According to the current behavior, should be “… the start of …”


    > Reverted the default behavior of the Word Right/Left (Extend) commands to the old behavior.

    I need and prefer the new behavior of Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right.
    But need and prefer the old behavior of Ctrl+Left/Right.

    Please read my post above and consider it again.

    Please add an option(s) if possible. Thank you.

    CHM: … *provious* …

    Yutaka Emura

    I need to revert Word Right/Left (Extend) commands to previous behaviors because some users complain the behavior changes. However, I added registry values, and settings those values can alter the behaviors:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EmSoft\EmEditor v3\Common



    Both REG_DWORD

    Please set 1 to both values for your preference.

    On the next major version, I will add this option available to the Customize dialog.



    Great. Thank you.

    And after a while of adaption and chewing, I realize that the new behavior in EmEditor is even better than in EditPad:

    Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right extends to each word left/right. (EmEditor = EditPad)
    This solves the issue of including/excluding space(s), e.g. makes it more friendly in Space(s)-SV editing.

    EmEditor: Ctrl+Left/Right goes to each word left/Right.
    EditPad: Ctrl+Left/Right goes to each word left. ( = The old behavior in EmEditor. Though by using Ctrl+Right we usually want to go to the next word Left, we lack a nimble way to go to the word Right.)

    Hope more users will give it a try and enjoy the new behavior.


    Suggestion 1:
    Is it possible to make the alternative behavior also work for symbols?
    I hope I can stop between a symbol and a whitespace character:
    x = y
    + – * !

    Suggestion 2:
    Is it possible to make “Delete Left/Right Word” commands also obey the two options?


    By the way,

    ▼ In these help pages, you use “start”:

    ▼ But in this page, you use “beginning”:

    It affects the search.
    e.g. Search in the CHM:
    start near word

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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