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    Ken Grubb

    I have searched through the Forums and Help, and I suspect that I’m missing something obvious.

    How do I select multiple contiguous columns so that I can then choose Delete Column(s)?

    Patrick C

    I admit its a bit wierd. For simplicity I’ll just give you one method, note that many variations exist.

    Lets say you want to delete columns 2 to 5:
    1) Single click any cell in column 2
    2) Keep shift pressed
    3) Single click any cell in column 5
    4) Right-click on any column number (e.g the “5” of column 5).
    5) Select / click “Delete columns”


    To select multiple contiguous columns, just drag in the column header (above the ruler), e.g. form 2 to 5, as same as in Excel.

    Shift+clicking also can be used in the column header.
    However, @Yutaka, there’s a bug:
    Click 2 in the column header.
    Shift+click 5.
    ** Only column 2+3+4 are selected.
    (Though Shift+dragging is OK.)

    Yutaka Emura

    v18.6.95 will address the issues related to the column selection by clicking the column headings

    Patrick C

    Thank you Yutaka!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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